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This wiki is dedicated to my fanon Marvel vs Capcom 3 mod, Dimension Clash and it's new sequel, Dimension Brawl. If you are a good artist and can expertly draw the characters in the game like Capcom artsit Shinkiro, feel free to post your portrait in this wiki.

Quick referenceEdit

TAC: Team Aerial Combo

THC: Team Hyper Combo

OTG-capable means picking foe up from ground in hard knockdown state during combos

QCF: Quarter circle forward

QCB: Quarter circle back

DP: Dragon Punch

BDP: Backwards Dragon Punch

HCF: Half circle forward

HCB: Half circle back

D (charge), U: Horizontal charge

F (charge), B: Vertical charge

FC: Full circle

atk: any attack button

L: light attack

M: medium attack

H: heavy attack

S: special attack (a.k.a. exchange from MvC3)

Finally, if you see * in a command, it means you must press the button or command right after the previous action.

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Two of the playable characters, Ryu and Akuma. Artwork drawn by Bontzy123 of Ryu and Akuma belong to Capcom.

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